Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress and recording artist famously known for her roles in Freaky Friday, Parent Trap and Mean Girls and she also known for her constant trouble with the law.

At three years old Lindsay started her career as a child fashion model but her big break came when she starred as both Hallie Parker and Annie James in the remake of Parent Trap in 1998.

She then starred in many other films such as Life-Size, Freaky Friday a remake of the 1976 film and the hit film Mean Girls. After Mean Girls, Lindsay shot to fame but unfortunately this caused a lot of problems for her.

She released an album titled Speak in 2004 and it went platinum and she then released another album in 2005 titled A Little More Personal but she decided to focus on her acting career after its release. She then starred in several other films such as Just My Luck, Georgia Rule and Bobby.

While she has had some troubles away from acting she is trying to get her career back on track with a role in Scary Movie 5 and a short cameo in the TV show Anger Management as herself.