Lindsay Lohan seemingly threatened to fire two of her waitresses at her beach club for wearing the wrong footwear.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' star commented on a photo of two staff members at her newly-opened VIP club in Rhodes - the sister venue to her flagship Lohan Beach House in Mykonos - after she noticed they were sporting different coloured high heels and warned them to make sure they match their shoes in future or they could lose their jobs.

She commented on the post on the official Instagram for Lohan Beach House Rhodes: "Wear the same shoes please ... or you're fired."

And when one of her followers asked: "pls tell me you're not joking need this to be real (sic)", Lindsay, 32, replied: "totally serious! (sic)"

Lindsay will want to make sure everything is order at her clubs as it was reported over the weekend that Lohan Beach House is to become the subject of a new MTV reality series produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, best known for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'.

A source said: "Lindsay is telling pals that she has a signed deal for a new reality show.

"Bunim/Murray is producing, and it's about Lindsay's new beach club in Greece.

"[It will be like a] cooler, hipper, edgier 'Vanderpump Rules.' "

According to the insider, filming will begin in August when the island's summer season is in full swing, and will later shift to show the 32-year-old star launching a new club.

The source added: "The show will have this European flavour to it.

"Lindsay feels that it's not so uptight like filming in Los Angeles or New York, and they can get a better cast of characters."

And the programme could also feature "a lot of English" guest stars, the insider said.

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