Lindsay Lohan's family are reportedly concerned by her recent behaviour.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' actress recently shared an encounter she had with a family who she believed to be Syrian refugees on her Instagram account, which ended with Lindsay seemingly being struck to the ground by the family's angry mother.

A source told E! News that although Lindsay's family weren't previously concerned about her, their attitude has changed since the video emerged online.

In the Instagram video, Lindsay offered to help the family by paying for a a place to stay.

She said: "Tell me your story so that I can help you. What do you need? Do you want me to give you a hotel? So I want you to tell America what you need and I will get it for you."

But after she failed to convince the family to come with her, she accused the parents of "trafficking children".

Lindsay said: "You should not have them [your sons] on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you [can] for your children, so they have a better life.

"If someone is offering them a home and a bed, which is me at the moment, give it to them. They will come back to you."

The family then tried to evade Lindsay by walking off down the street.

And the 32-year-old actress responded by saying: "Look what's happening, they're trafficking children [...] You're ruining Arabic culture by doing this.

"You're taking these children, they want to go. I'm with you boys, don't worry, the whole world is seeing this right now."

The situation became noticeably more tense as the video develops and at the end, it appears as though the mother lashes out at the American star.

Lindsay eventually turned the camera on herself and said: "I'm in shock."

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