Lucien Laviscount owes his acting career to David Beckham.

Lucien Laviscount owes his career to David Beckham

Lucien Laviscount owes his career to David Beckham

The 'Emily in Paris' actor was scouted for a modelling job when he was 10 years old and was stunned to discover he'd be working with the former England soccer ace on the Marks Spencer campaign.

The sportsman was impressed with his cheeky young co-star, and offered him some advice.

Lucien recalled: “When I got on to the set I was told I’d be working with someone very famous. Then there was this surreal moment when David Beckham walked out...

"David put his hand on my shoulder and said to me, ‘You’re really funny — you should get into acting.’ ”

David's assistant called a drama school in Manchester and they got in touch with Lucien's mother.

He continued to Sunday Times Style magazine: "I went to a class the week after, but I only went to two classes as it was when petrol prices were through the roof and Mum couldn’t really afford to take us.

"A month later the school got back in touch and told me about an audition for this show called 'Clocking Off' — I went for it and got the part.”

From there, the 29-year-old star's career took off and a few years ago, he ran into David again in Santa Monica, where the former footballer was delighted to have learned what a big impact he'd had on the actor's life.

Lucien recalled: “I went over to him at a certain point where no one else was around and I just said, ‘You changed my life.’ I asked my mum to send us a picture of us together in the campaign when I was a little kid and I said thank you because this [being a professional actor] is what you did for me.'

“You never know how something so little for you can really affect someone’s day. I kind of live by that. It can be as simple as smiling to someone down the street. You might not get it back, but who cares?”

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