Matt Terry is hosting Christmas - but getting his parents to do to the cooking.

Matt Terry

Matt Terry

The 24-year-old singer is looking forward to opening the doors of his London home to his family, but will enlist his mum and dad to do more than their fair share in the kitchen.

He said: "I am hosting Christmas this year. It's the first year I've ever hosted; my family are coming back to my place.

"I am still going to get mum and dad to cook the dinner. I'm living near Canary Wharf area."

Meanwhile, the 'Thing About Love' hitmaker revealed he once had a psychic reading where it was predicted he'd be a pop star in the future.

He exclusively told BANG showbiz: "I once had a reading and I remember a lady telling me, you are going to be a recording artist at some point in your life and she was right. "

And Matt has frequently been told that he has a "blue aura" around him.

He added: "People who palm read in that kind of way always talk about some blue aura or something that I have around my body or whatever. It's very strange. It's as if I have some kind of connection to them."

Matt's album, 'Trouble', features incredibly personal lyrics and he felt it was only right to be honest because he "poured his heart out" during his time on 'The X Factor'.

He said: "The whole album is all based around my past relationship in the past two years of my life really. It is like the beginning of the relationship when everything is up high and then it starts to crack and then the break-up and after how I felt.

"It's definitely really personal. I've already been on 'The X Factor' and poured my heart out to the world. I just though why not just do it again. I feel the public already know me anyway all of my fans are like family.

"I called it 'Trouble' because I feel like I got myself into a situation where I was really stuck in a relationship that wasn't really working, but I was too scared and not brave enough to just finish it. That little rut that I was stuck in."