Matt Terry was "afraid" to be his true self when he was on 'The X Factor'.

Matt Terry was afraid to be himself on X Factor

Matt Terry was afraid to be himself on X Factor

The 30-year-old singer won the 2016 series of the music competition and released the Ed Sheeran-penned 'When Christmas Comes Around' as his debut single but upon the release of his new song has admitted he "didn't know" who he was as a person at the time.

Speaking on ITV's'Lorraine', he told stand-in host Christine Lampard: "When I was on the show, I didn't really...I was too afraid to show who I was at that time. I was such a young man so that's where the title 'You Don't Know Nothing' came from. I didn't show who I was as an artist or as a person. And I'm ready to do that today. It's my turn and it's time to write for myself again.

"We have to tell our truths and speak honestly. First of all, I'm so grateful for the show. It did change my life. I'm grateful for Simon [Cowell], I'm grateful for everything it gave me. All I wanted to do is sing, and I do that every day. But like every decision in life, there's pros and cons. I think the con for me was that I changed the way I saw myself and how I treated myself. "

Since his victory on 'The X Factor', Matt has appeared in musical theatre and carved out a second career as a songwriter and has now explained that he wants to use his talent to help others.

He said: "I've gone back to the drawing board, build myself again and find who I am, I know I have a talent, I can sing and I have a voice and I want people to connect with that I have to say and I want to help people. I had to start all over again and I'm so proud, I have hundreds of millions of streams, I feel so thankful to be here. "