David Beckham admits getting involved in the takeover of his beloved Manchester United "would mean the world" to him.

Can David Beckham help get Man United back in favour with the fans?

Can David Beckham help get Man United back in favour with the fans?

Qatari Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe have made bids for the Premier League team, and the former England captain - who played for Man United from 1992 to 2003 - has admitted that although he has a lot on his hands as the president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City, he wouldn't rule out helping to get the team back on track.

Asked by The Athletic if he'd get involved. Beckham said: "I have a lot going on here at the moment and my focus has purely been on Miami and everything that goes on in my business.

"But I haven’t been approached and I suppose any involvement with Manchester United would mean the world to me, going forward.

"But who knows? We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks or months.

"Hopefully, a decision gets made and if I’m involved in any way… if not, I’ll be a United fan and just do what all the other fans are doing — turn up and watch our team."

The 48-year-old retired footballer agrees that current owners Joel and Avram Glazer should leave so that there can be a much-needed "change" at Old Trafford.

Asked if the Red Devils' owners should stand down, he said: "I think so. I think it’s purely because the fans want it.

"Once you lose the fans, especially at a club like Manchester United, it’s hard to get them back.

"Obviously, they (the Glazers) have achieved a lot, and financially, the fact we’re even talking about the numbers of what Manchester United will sell for shows the success they’ve had.

"But there needs to be change. We’ve all seen that, we all know that."

The Glazer family have faced a decade of backlash from the fans over their poor mismanagement of Man United and the withdrawal of £1 billion worth of dividends from the club.

Becks has nothing but praise for current manager, Erik ten Hag.

He added: "It hasn’t been the greatest of times for Manchester United, on the field or off the field. Seeing Erik come in is a breath of fresh air.

"He has had some tough decisions to make but he has done it in the most elegant way and in a way where he has got the fans on his side."

And Beckham suggested the Red Devils take a leaf out of rivals Man City's book.

He continued: "Whoever is running your club, you want them to be passionate, be involved, make the right decisions, bring in the right players and invest in the club.

"Because the club does need investment, whether it’s the training facility, stadium, on the field… these kinds of big things need to be made and changes do need to happen, especially when you see the likes of Man City and what they’re doing.

"It’s not just about what they’re winning. You can see that Man City are building for the future, not just from season to season.

"They’ve got stability with Pep (Guardiola), who I am in awe of."

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