Millie Mackintosh has started taking medication to combat her anxiety struggles.

Millie Mackintosh has discussed her anxiety struggles

Millie Mackintosh has discussed her anxiety struggles

The 33-year-old star has taken to social media to speak candidly about her mental health issues, admitting she felt "trapped" at one point in time.

Millie - who has Sienna, two, and Aurelia, eight months, with her TV star husband Hugo Taylor - wrote on Instagram: "I have had anxiety most of my life and found helpful tools to manage it.

"However, since lockdown and becoming a mother my anxiety (particularly social anxiety) really started to take over, consuming my thoughts leading me to feeling trapped.

"I engaged with therapy, to try and understand where the anxiety stems from, which meant visiting some painful experiences from my teenage years in hope it would release some of the association and anxiety, Instead I found it really triggering and became more anxious than ever.

"After a lot of thought and discussions with my therapist we decided a low dose of prescribed medication, whilst continuing talk therapy would be the best way forward for now. (sic)"

Millie initially found it tough to acknowledge that she needed help with her mental health.

The TV star - who was previously married to rapper Professor Green - has always encouraged other people to seek professional help, but she was reluctant to follow her own advice at first.

She wrote: "Although I knew this was the best decision, I found it difficult to admit to myself and to my family that I needed this kind of help.

"I would always encourage and support friends and family in their own mental health journey but I guess it's different when you are the one in need. (sic)"