Nicole Kidman fibbed about her height to land roles.

Nicole Kidman lied that she was half an inch shorter to land roles

Nicole Kidman lied that she was half an inch shorter to land roles

The 'Big Little Lies' star stands at 5ft11 and has confessed she lied that she was just half an inch shorter, 5ft10 and a half, after she was bullied as a child for her height and called names such as "Stalky".

She told the new issue of Radio Times magazine: “I was told, ‘You won’t have a career. You’re too tall.'"

Even now she is a Hollywood star, Nicole has to think twice about her choice of heel.

She continued: “People would say, ‘How’s the air up there?’

“Now, I get, ‘You’re so much taller than I thought’, or men grappling with how high my heels should be. Whenever I go on the red carpet, I get sent shoes that are always so high. I’m like, ‘Do they have a kitten heel? I’m going to be the tallest person — a giraffe!’”

The 56-year-old star - who has Connor, 28, and Bella, 31, with Tom Cruise, and Sunday Rose, 15, and Faith, 13, with husband Keith Urban - was rejected for a part in the musical 'Annie' when she was young due to her height because she was two inches above the 5ft2 maximum height required.

The 'Bombshell' star had even persuaded the production team to allow her to at least audition.

She recalled: “I didn’t get the part.

“I didn’t even get a call back — but at least I got to sing four lines of a chorus.”

The 'Expats' star tries not to see her stature as a setback and instead views it as a "superpower".

She added: “What matters is how you allow other people to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to you, and whether you accept that.

“Inner resilience as a human being, that’s the superpower really.”