Paris Hilton gets "a lot of girls" flashing their breasts at her when she's DJing.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The 35-year-old socialite attracts a lot of attention during her stints on the decks in Ibiza and has even received a number of marriage proposals from impressed clubbers.

She said: "So many guys propose to me. I've had guys run up to the booth with rings.

"A lot of girls are flashing me, a lot of guys are too. I'm a girl so it's weird when girls are flashing their boobs at me. But I love that people are into it and they feel so free that they can express themselves however they want."

Paris admitted she initially struggled to be taken seriously as a DJ and loves the fact famous names in the club world are now "blown away" by her sets.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "They didn't get it. It made me more determined to prove them wrong.

"Well, now those haters come to my booth with me and are blown away."

Paris is also at pains to make it clear this is no game for her, and that she is committed to DJing as she loves it so much.

She said: "I'm here for hours, I love it. If I could play longer I would. I've learned so much more now I've been DJing for six years. I produce my own music and I remix live. It's all me."

Paris is also determined to prove that despite coming from a family that founded Hilton Hotels and a having personal fortune of over $100 million, that she is an independent woman.

She confessed: "I didn't want to ask my family for anything in life and I wanted to be an independent woman. I'm all about girl power. I work hard, but I party hard too."

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