Paris Hilton has "never had anything of her own" because of her fame.

Paris Hilton on how fame has stopped her having anything for herself

Paris Hilton on how fame has stopped her having anything for herself

The 41-year-old hotel heiress - who found worldwide fame as a reality star and occasional pop singer in her teenage years - secretly welcomed son Phoenix with husband Carter Reumn via surrogate in January and explained that she decided to keep news of the arrival to herself because she wanted the "journey" to be private.

Speaking on her 'This is Paris' podcast, she said: "No one knew, literally, until he was, like, over a week old. So it was really nice just to have that with Carter, (have) our own journey together. I just feel that my life has been so public, and I’ve never really had anything just be mine. I just really felt that I wanted to have this journey with us only. It was hard to keep that in because we were so excited and wanted to tell our families, but you’re just nervous because if you tell one person then you know they tell someone and then all of a sudden it’s like in TMZ or Page Six.

The 'Paris in Love' star went on to add that she even kept the news a secret from her mother Kathy and noted that the 'Real Housewives' star was "so surprised" to finally meet her grandson when he was a week old.

She said: "When I introduced my mom to our baby boy, it was amazing to see the look on her face. She was so surprised. Just the look on her face was just priceless."