Penny Lancaster "loves" life in the police force.

Penny Lancaster is loving life in the police

Penny Lancaster is loving life in the police

The 50-year-old star became a Special Police Constable after appearing on Channel 4's 'Famous and Fighting Crime', and Sir Rod Stewart, her husband, has revealed that the blonde beauty is loving the challenge.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker - who has been married to Penny since 2007 - shared: "She absolutely loves the police work. She did eight months-worth of studying and physical exercise, and I supported her all the way.

"Now she works Thursday nights, and she goes around Tower Bridge and that side of the city [in London], so she's fairly safe. Then she'll call me when she's done and I send a driver to pick her up.

"When she says she's on the way home, I can go to bed. Otherwise I don't sleep, obviously. But she could be in the station until two o'clock in the morning because if something happens, she has to fill in all the forms. But she's loving it."

Meanwhile, Rod also conceded that the loved-up couple had a relatively easy time of things amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Reflecting on the time they spent together in lockdown, Rod told the BBC: "I was very fortunate - lockdown was a lot easier on me than it was for families who had three or four kids in two rooms in a high rise. Yes, we had our moments of tears but, by and large, we got through it pretty easily.

"And I also had time to take care of some medical problems. I had a knee replacement in my right knee, which has been giving me gyp for the last six years. So I'm very sprightly now. It's the best thing I ever did."