Victoria Beckham relied on her Posh persona to give her confidence in the Spice Girls.

Being Posh Spice gave Victoria Beckham confidence

Being Posh Spice gave Victoria Beckham confidence

The 47-year-old fashion designer - who has Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and 10-year-old Harper with her husband David Beckham - thinks having an alter ego “fast-tracked” her into believing in herself.

Victoria said: "Confidence is definitely an attribute that has come to me with time. When I was younger and first in the public eye, I was actually quite shy, and my Posh Spice persona was something I used to tap in to [activate] my inner confidence.

"I truly believe my alter ego fast-tracked me into believing in myself. She taught me to trust my instincts and embrace my passions. Now that I’m older, I definitely feel more confident. I work to focus on the good bits and being kind to myself."

And Victoria revealed her goal with her fashion and beauty lines has always been to make women feel empowered within themselves and help them to radiate confidence.

She told W magazine: "That was always the goal, with both the clothing line and the beauty line: I want to make women feel empowered, the best version of themselves. I want them to feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and it’s quite exciting for me when I hear people say I’ve helped them achieve that feeling."