Lindsay Lohan pranked an Australian radio station by hanging up the phone during a live interview.

LIndsay Lohan

LIndsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' actress abruptly ended her chat with radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM after the duo quizzed her about the previous time she cut short a chat in 2015.

Kyle told Lindsay just before the Hollywood star left him listening to a dial tone: "I learned that when a celebrity hangs up on you during an interview, it can sometimes be on purpose ... I don't know if you remember, but you were talking to us on that show."

Lindsay apparently became annoyed at Jackie O when she asked the actress if she owns houses in her bases of Dubai, New York and London.

The 30-year-old star snapped: "What kind of question is that?"

And when Lindsay did eventually hang up the phone, Kyle said: "Oh she's done it again, she's done it again!"

On this occasion, though, Lindsay was simply playing a trick on the show's presenters and she soon returned the call.

She said while laughing: "You guys set it up! We're great together. We should have our own show in Dubai!"

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