The Princess of Wales' uncle has blasted Prince Harry over his memoir.

Princess of Wales' uncle blasts Prince Harry

Princess of Wales' uncle blasts Prince Harry

Gary Goldsmith, who is uncle to Harry's sister-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales, 41, has claimed that Harry's book 'Spare' had made the "gaping chasm between [Harry and the Royal Family] unbridgeable".

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, Gary said: "Harry has launched this precision missile at his own father, brother and niece. He has unmasked himself as the consummate hypocrite, endlessly claiming alleged breaches of privacy — then disclosing confidential conversations about highly personal matters involving his own niece. He both courts the media, granting interviews to boost his book sales, and reviles it for its ‘intrusion’ into his life.

"Few people have bought into Harry’s fractious and peevish book — and, in writing it, I’m afraid he has overstepped the line.

"Will his family ever forgive him? I doubt it."

Gary also waded into the alleged row between Harry's wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 41, and Catherine over bridesmaids dresses for Harry and Meghan's wedding, insisting that Catherine - who he refers to as Kate - was not at fault.

He said: "I honestly don’t believe this version of the ‘facts’. Kate is self-sufficient, resourceful and extremely capable. She comes from a family of doers and fixers and has an amazing support system in her younger sister Pippa and her mum, my older sister Carole, who runs her own successful business. She has taught her girls to deal with problems with calm capability, not histrionics.

"The Kate I know so well would never have caused a fuss. She’s not a drama queen; she’s not confrontational, as the book suggests. And she’d never pile more pressure on a bride. After all, she knows the tensions involved when you marry into the Royal Family all too well."