Rachel Bilson is in a new relationship - two years after she and Bill Hader split.

Rachel Bilson in a new relationship with mystery man

Rachel Bilson in a new relationship with mystery man

The 41-year-old actress has confirmed she is dating again, and while she wouldn't reveal too much about her new partner, she admitted her lover has been bringing her coffee and the pair have been active in the bedroom.

Quizzed on whether she is single, Rachel said: "I am not."

The former 'Hart of Dixie' star was then asked: "Is he bringing you coffee in the morning? Is he bringing you missionary [sex]?"

She replied: "F*** yeah."

Rachel - who has seven-year-old daughter Briar with her ex, 'Star Wars' actor Hayden Christensen⁠ - insisted some, but not all, of the actors she has been with have "very self-involved tenancies".

She said: "This is a generalisation. I think I've dated quite a few actors, and I do think that some of them, not all, have very like self-involved tenancies."

But she insisted her daughter's father is "not like that".

Rachel admitted one of the reasons for dating a number of fellow actors could be because she's able to develop such a strong a bond with them after being around co-stars so much on set.

Speaking on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, she added: "You're around them every day and you'll meet different personalities and sometimes you really have chemistry with someone.

"Yes, it's a set, but it's literally someone you're spending mostly 12 hours a day with, so you're going to get to know these people better than you would get to know someone you're just casually dating in the beginning."

Rachel was romantically linked to artist Zac LaRoc earlier this year, but she hasn't confirmed who she is currently dating.

The star and 'Trainwreck' actor Bill were reported to have split up in July 2020, after making their red carpet debut as a couple at the Golden Globes in January that year.

The former 'O.C.' actress previously dated co-star Adam Brody while they played Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen in the teen drama series.

Speaking in 2006, she said: "We always have a lot to talk about, and we tell each other everything.

"I feel like I have everything now - the dog, the house, the job and him. I can’t ask for anything more."