Rita Moreno "loved" writing her 2013 memoir.

Rita Moreno loved writing her memoir

Rita Moreno loved writing her memoir

The 92-year-old actress discussed her spectacular career and her turbulent love life in her eponymous memoir, and Rita relished the experience of putting her thoughts down on paper.

Rita - who had an on/off relationship with Marlon Brando between 1954 and 1962 - told PEOPLE: "I found that I loved doing it. And that I was able, because I was able to phrase things the way I like to … even though I don't have any education to speak of. I've never finished high school. I find that I speak a lot better than most people, which is very depressing, to say the least."

Despite this, Rita acknowledged that it was still an "exhausting" process.

The actress - who also had a romance with Elvis Presley - said: "I loved putting things into words and I love describing and I'm pretty good at that.

"I'm good at describing people, the way people behave.

"I'm good at describing feelings ... So I enjoyed it. It was exhausting, but I enjoyed it."

Meanwhile, Rita recently revealed that she agreed to date Elvis after finding another woman's lingerie in Marlon's home.

The actress was "crushed" to discover Marlon wasn't being faithful during their romance, and the incident led to her meeting the music icon.

Speaking to People en Espanol magazine, she recalled: "Elvis Presley is another whole story. I was going with Marlon at the time. He wasn't necessarily going with me, but I was going with him. You know what I mean?

"I found one day some lady's lingerie in his house and I went home weeping and crying and so hurt and furious and I thought, 'I never want to see him again'.

"But I knew I didn't mean that. I was really just absolutely crushed. Not only crushed but I was his slave. I just adored and worshiped him is more like it."