Robert Pattinson was "kind of embarrassed" to contract COVID-19.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

The 35-year-old actor tested positive for the virus in September 2020, just a day after 'The Batman' resumed filming following a six-month break due to the pandemic.

Although Robert was initially "terrified" about how production would be impacted, he feels "lucky" it didn't cause any significant issues with the movie and gave everyone involved the opportunity to see how effective the measures they had put in place were.

He told Variety: "It was right at the peak of people not really knowing what exactly was going on. We’d set up a protocol to make the project work, and it just so happened I think I was the first person who had to use the protocol.

"I mean, I was just kind of embarrassed by the whole thing, to be honest. It was so early on after we started shooting and everyone was just so sweet.

"Andy Serkis, who I was working with at the time, was absolutely lovely about it. I was terrified of what was gonna happen to production. But it all actually was kind of a good proof of concept for how to proceed, and after that point, nothing really happened anyway. It was lucky."

One thing Robert enjoyed about the COVID-19 protocols on the set was that he and director Matt Reeves had a constant line of communication because they were using earpieces.

He explained: "When we came back after the shutdown, we kind of just tried to keep everyone apart as much as possible. I would have an earpiece in which I communicated with Matt, in between takes. It took a second to get used to, but it’s actually kind of nice. I can kind of just keep pestering him all the time rather than trying to find him somewhere in the studio."

And although it could be "disconcerting" hearing all of the director's "little reactions" to his scenes as the Caped Crusader, Robert enjoyed it.

He added: "Occasionally, they’d leave the mic on. It was slightly disconcerting, but you could hear his little reactions. If it was a tense scene, you’d suddenly hear his breathing accelerate.

"Sometimes, it would be very, very distracting, but sometimes I’ve actually quite enjoyed hearing his real time reaction. I’ve never been so close to a director’s perception of what I was doing before. It’s a strangely intimate experience."