Robin Williams’ son Zak was left “traumatised” by his father’s death.

Zak and Robin Williams in 2008

Zak and Robin Williams in 2008

The 37-year-old actor tragically lost his father when the iconic Hollywood star took his own life in 2014, and Zak has now admitted he was left feeling “deeply unhappy” following Robin’s passing.

He said: "I was deeply unhappy and feeling extremely isolated and broken. I was traumatised.”

Zak fell into a deep depression and began to self-medicate with alcohol, but eventually realised he needed to seek professional help.

He added: "Ultimately, I found that if I continued living that way, it wasn't a life that was worth living. Something had to give.”

The ‘Graduates’ star attended recovery group meetings, as well as getting the help of therapy, healthy eating, exercise and meditation.

And now, Zak is proud of how far he’s come since his father’s passing, and is even a dad himself, having welcomed son Mickey - whose full name is McLaurin, Robin's middle name - with his wife Olivia 17 months ago.

He told People magazine: "I'm thrilled to have a family and live the life that I always wanted to live. I’ve learned I'm not broken. Despite experiencing traumatic events, I can recover. And I am now on a path of healing and being the person I always wanted to be.”

Meanwhile, Zak recently said he wants to “continue to fight for what’s good in the world” in honour of his late father.

Whilst marking the sixth anniversary of the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ star’s death, he wrote on social media: "Dad, today marks six years since your passing. Your legacy lives on in your family and in those who carry your spirit within their hearts. We will continue to fight for what's good in the world, for peace, and for connecting people instead of tearing them apart. Love you so much! (sic)”

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