Jack Black's desire "to put on a show" keeps him coming back to the 'Kung Fu Panda' franchise.

Jack Black is always determined to 'put on a show' for film audiences

Jack Black is always determined to 'put on a show' for film audiences

The 54-year-old actor lends his voice to the titular Po in the fourth installment of the martial arts animation comedy franchise and is always open to featuring in films that have good "stories".

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Jack said: "You know, I love to put on a show. And if someone's got a good idea for a new story, I'm always down. Whether it be a 'Kung Fu Panda', new journey or any kind of cool movie. I like to tell stories."

The 'School of Rock' star revealed that he takes inspiration from the late Robin Williams as the Genie in 'Aladdin' and Steve Carell as Gru in the 'Despicable Me' franchise when it comes to voice roles.

Jack explained: "That's probably my favourite Robin Williams performance – his voice performance in 'Aladdin'. He crushed that role so hard, and he had some rad singing in there as well.

"He was a huge inspiration for me in my voice acting career. Yeah, that's probably up at the top of the mountain for me."

He continued: "You know who else I love? Steve Carell. He makes me laugh so hard in that role he does in 'Despicable Me'. What is that accent? I don't know. But he's incredible."

'Kung Fu Panda 4' sees Po team up with a fox called Zhen who is voiced by Awkwafina and Black felt that he and 'The Little Mermaid' star had "great chemistry".

He said: "They work together on this adventure and it's the first time that Po's had a partner in crime like that. And that's one of the fresh things about this, and working with her, it's like she's got a different sense of humour than I do.

"She's kind of like a dry wit. She's smarter than me. And she's kind of sardonic, and Po is like childish and kind of full of bombast and innocence. The two of us together had a great chemistry."