Romeo Beckham has a new tattoo inspired by his dad David Beckham.

Romeo Beckham (c)

Romeo Beckham (c)

The 19-year-old model - whose mum is fashion designer Victoria - has revealed two new designs this week, and one of them bares a similarity to one of the football legend's own tattoos.

Sharing the designs on Instagram, Romeo showed off an inking of a bird on his hand, which features the phrase "Lead with love".

However, the piece that caught most people's eye is on the back of his neck and features angel wings with a cross in the middle.

While not identical, his dad David has a tattoo of an angel in a crucifix position on his upper back, with Romeo's name above it and Cruz's below, while he's got Brooklyn's at the small of his back and daughter Harper's on his chest.

One follower commented: "Same same, but different".

Another added: "Twinning handsome fellas".

And even Justin Bieber responded to the post, and noted how David's ink inspired his own tattoo.

He wrote: "Love it, it was ur dad that inspired mine too. Looks great (sic)"

Brooklyn also has plenty of ink, and dad David - who's thought to have over 60 designs on his body - previously suggested his son might "make mistakes" as the years go on.

He said: "Thankfully I don't feel I've made any with my tattoos. My son's started and I'm sure he'll make mistakes.

"But it's part and parcel of life and being creative. That's something you can't stop someone doing, it holds them back."

And opening up about his own experience with tattoos, David insists he has never got an inking to impress someone but instead likes to change his look just for himself.

He explained: "I've never changed my look or style for attention. I do it because I want to grow my hair, or cut it off, or I want to shave or I don't - or I want a new tattoo.

"I never try to be someone else or do something different for any other reason than I enjoy it."