Rose McGowan thinks she would have had a "better career" if Harvey Weinstein didn't "blacklist" her.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

The actress was one of the first people to speak out against the disgraced movie mogul - who has been charged with a number of sex crimes and is currently in jail - and she believes she would have had more acting opportunities if she was "blacklisted" by Weinstein.

She said: "I did one acting class after I started my first movie, after they discovered me. And I hated it. For me it was always fiscal; it was a matter of survival.

"I just happen to be naturally good at it. Had I not been blacklisted by Weinstein I might have gone on to have a better career and probably spread my wings more in the acting department. But I had to take the crumbs that I could get. So I did as well as I could, despite the Hollywood blacklisting, which they’ve only doubled down on since the exposing and taking down of their cult leader."

Rose decided to shave her head before she spoke out about Weinstein as she thought people would hear her better if she "didn’t look like a traditional woman any more".

Speaking to The Observer newspaper about her decision, she added: "The side effect immediately was that people could hear the words coming out of my mouth, because I didn’t look like a traditional woman any more. All of a sudden, people were paying attention. But it was also like, 'I’m serious. And I’m going to war. And I need to scare people. So let’s go.'"