Ryan Reynolds thinks parents are "much better equipped" to handle their kids these days.

Ryan Reynolds loves being a dad of four

Ryan Reynolds loves being a dad of four

The 46-year-old actor has James, eight, Inez, six, and three-year-old Betty as well as a seven-month-old baby whose name has not yet been revealed with wife Blake Lively and explained that these days people are much more "self-aware" than they were during his own upbringing.

He told People: "I think it’s more about talking to them about everything. It’s genuine when I say I take a huge interest in their days and how things are going. I think as parents, we are so much better equipped to handle the rigors of childhood through our kids now than when I was a kid. It’s just totally different now. People are much more self-aware. And that’s the thing we sort of hang our hat on the most is self-awareness with our kids. Not be happy, not be anything, just be self-aware and welcome everything in."

The 'Deadpool' star - who was initially married to actress Scarlett Johansson from 2008 until 2011 - went on to add that the whole family is "doing great" after welcoming the new arrival and joked that the whole house is a "zoo" but admitted that he and his wife wouldn't have had four children if they "didn't love" being parents.

He said: Look, we wouldn't do this four times if we didn't love it. "We're very excited. Everybody's doing great. Everybody's actually doing fantastic. I think if we hadn't figured it out by now, I think we'd be in deep, deep trouble. It's a zoo over here. This is my office here and to be honest I'll probably spend the rest of my life in here!"