Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek wears leather on the red carpet for her husband.

The 47-year-old actress admits she goes out of her way and dresses to impress her French spouse, Francois-Henri Pinault - whom she has five-year-old daughter Valentina with - because she wants him to be physically attracted to her.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she said: "I actually wear a lot of leather on the red carpet. My husband loves when I wear it.

"I'm not really a fashionista. I have an eye. I can pull it together, but a lot of the effort I make is for my husband because I want him to be attracted to me."

The star is flattered people find her beautiful but insists she doesn't put her appearance at the top of her priority list because there is more to her than just a pretty face.

She explained: "I know people have always thought I was beautiful, but I have never tried to be as beautiful as can be.

"I could do a lot more exercise, or not eat dessert. Or not drink alcohol. I could make bigger efforts. I don't think my first priority in life has ever been beauty. It's a little bit of a rebellious spirit in me. There is more to me than looks, of course."

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