Salma Hayek claims Hollywood "goes by stereotypes".

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 'Everly' star believes women are hired in the film industry to be "quiet and look pretty".

She said: "They don't like somebody who has an opinion on the script.

"They want a girl to come in and be quiet and look pretty and do as the say, and it's just not in my nature ... It's hard. They go by stereotypes."

And the 48-year-old actress thinks her Mexican heritage makes it difficult for directors and casting managers to put her "in a box".

Speaking on HuffPost Live, she explained: "Sometimes it's hard to put me in a box.

"I am so many things - specifically and proudly - [but] in their head, I'm not quite the typical Latin woman, in many ways, or the typical Arab woman, or the typical American woman, so it's hard for them to pin me."

It is not the first time Salma has blasted Hollywood's sexism after she previously revealed she was "pipped out" of roles before in favour of the male star.

She shared: "I've had movies where the director really wanted me, but the dude didn't approve and I've got pipped out. In scripts, a lot of the time there is a part that's good, that then starts dumbing down. If you get on set and start to make it better, they don't like it."

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