Salma Hayek "embraces fat".

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The gorgeous 48-year-old actress insisted that, unlike many other Hollywood stars, she makes sure fats are part of her diet.

She told Extra: "I embrace fat, the good fat, this is very important and I make a bone broth that you can look up on the internet, it's very good for all your health and it's full of collagen, when you drink it, it's like fat. I think people are afraid of fat, and fat is your friend."

Along with making her own broth, Salma also creates her own face cream, explaining: "The main ingredient, it's the bark of a tree that's used in Mexican hospitals for burn victims so it regenerates the skin."

She might be one of the most beautiful and successful women in Hollywood but Salma recently admitted she used to be terrified of turning 50 because she was afraid her career would end.

Salma said: "In the past, when I tried to imagine what I'd look like and what my life would be like at this age, I was terrified. I imagined myself looking old, but instead I think I still look OK, and I'm fine with my appearance.

"For too many generations, women have suffered from this terrible lie that age 50 is like falling off a cliff.

"Women have believed for so long we'd act and feel as if we were finished, and we surrendered to that myth."

The 'Tale of Tales' star - who had her first child Valentina aged 41 - went on to add that she no longer worries about turning 50, as it's an age where women can be "productive".

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Salma said: "Fortunately, we've stopped believing that. 50 is a great age where we can be very productive and happy and not feel limited by anything.

"I know I can still be beautiful and attractive as I approach 50. I feel very good about my life."

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