Salma Hayek's family is her "biggest blessing".

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 'Everly' star - who has Valentina, eight, with businessman François-Henri Pinault - says family is far more important to her than beauty or success.

She said: "It's not success in this or in that, or money or things, or beauty. What if you're really beautiful and you're not loved? That's not gonna make you happy.

"But what makes you happy is, for me, my family. They are the biggest blessing I have."

And the 49-year-old actress - who has also become stepmother to François-Henri's three children, Augustin, Mathilde and François - isn't planning on having any more children.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "I'm very blessed because I have three stepchildren, so I have a family of four kids. Four is enough."

Meanwhile, Salma previously revealed her marriage is her "biggest accomplishment".

She said: "A good marriage, full of love, is my biggest accomplishment. Home is where my husband is. He is home. Everything outside of the family nucleus is an adventure that you're living together [as a couple]."

And the 'From Dusk till Dawn' recently hit out at parents who keep their children entertained using television or smartphones.

She shared: "You have to drag children into participating in life. It takes a lot of work and mummies are very tired because most of us work and life is exhausting, especially if you are an older mum like me, but you have to make the effort.

"Now it's so easy to just entertain them [with a screen], and you don't have to go through the complaining for an hour about dragging them places. Drag them, and make them a part of your life. It's about the human connection, and the things they can learn from participating in life. Otherwise, isolation starts to happen."

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