Salma Hayek felt "sore" after performing a lap dance for 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'.

Salma Hayek performs a steamy dance in the movie

Salma Hayek performs a steamy dance in the movie

The 56-year-old actress stars in the movie alongside Channing Tatum and she admits that the five-minute lap dance took a physical toll on her.

She shared: "Most of the work goes into making it look effortless.

"After the first rehearsal I was sore because I'm not in shape and it's not movement you're used to. So I was sore.

"It was technical: you've got to make sure you don't poke his eye with a stiletto or knock him out or he doesn't drop me. He kept telling me he was 'very strong, don't worry,' but still you've got to hold on a little bit with the arms or the legs."

Salma was also able to lean on dance professionals to help her with the routine.

She told PEOPLE: "They are the world experts on this kind of a dance. I needed a lot of advice. But then I wanted it to be also my own thing, so they kind of adjusted the choreographer to my flow.

"He was finding the middle ground between the two of us. So that felt smooth and organic. To me, it was also very different because I've danced in other movies before, but I've danced for a guy.

"It really felt like he was dancing for me, but also at some point ... we wanted it to have an art that we were moving together. I was not sitting there having this guy dance. We connected and we were moving together."

Despite this, Salma has been surprised by the reaction to the scene.

The Hollywood star explained: "Every single person that's seen the movie talks first and mostly about that scene, which it's a surprise for me. But I'm glad because it works for the story of the movie."