Salma Hayek doesn't go "very long" without seeing her husband Francois-Henri Pinault.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 'Tale of Tales' star has praised her "angel [and] saint" of her husband for always supporting her and their eight-year-old daughter Valentina, despite her busy filming schedules.

Talking about the 54-year-old businessman, she said: "That one is an angel, a saint. We also never go without seeing each other for very long. I also work around his schedule."

However, when an acting job comes up that will mean she's away from her family for long periods, she often turns it down in favour of being at home with her family.

She recalled: "There was a movie and he said, 'Go, go, go. I'll stay with her, we'll figure it out'. And then in the end I didn't go and I'm glad I didn't because I know that it was too long, too far apart, all the way in America while she was in school. He's amazing."

Meanwhile, the 49-year-old actress says her husband is a "nice guy" and not a typical "tough" businessmen but she worries that he will be "taken advantage of".

She told HELLO! magazine: "He's a nice husband and I think he's a very different kind of tough businessman. He's very relaxed.

"He's not the kind of person that needs to show at all times that he's the smartest or he's the most powerful or the toughest. It's dangerous for some people because they see him being so nice they might think: 'Oh, I can take advantage of this'. It's an interesting thing, which I have learnt from."

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