Salma Hayek thinks Lady Gaga’s parents are "hot".

Lady Gaga agrees that her mom is hot

Lady Gaga agrees that her mom is hot

The 55-year-old actress has complimented her ‘House of Gucci’ co-star’s mother and father on their good looks.

Salma told the ‘Bad Romance’ singer: "Your mom is hot."

And Gaga - whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - agreed with Salma's observation.

According to E! News, she replied: "I know, my mom is so hot!"

Salma then described Gaga's mom as "beautiful", before he praised her dad, too.

She said: "By the way, your dad is hot too."

And Gaga - who plays the part of Patrizia Reggiani in 'House of Gucci' - then quipped: "Don’t tell my mother!"

The chart-topping pop star spent months preparing to play Patrizia in the new movie, and she recently admitted that she'll struggle to "let go" of the character.

Speaking about playing the Italian socialite - who was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband - Gaga explained: "I would say that in terms of letting the character go, I don't know that I'd ever let her go."

The singer-turned-actress also admitted that playing the role of Patrizia took a toll on her.

She said: "To say that it would be easy to play a murderer would be a lie.

"I don't believe she had the murder gene, but I do believe that she was triggered and pushed so far over the edge that she committed this murder."

The pop star suffered a similar experience after playing Ally Maine in 2018's 'A Star Is Born'.

Gaga - who appeared in the movie alongside Bradley Cooper - said: "It took me years to shed Ali from 'A Star Is Born' and I think the same will be true here."