Salma Hayek tries not to be "overly attentive" to her daughter.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

The 53-year-old actress admitted she always has a "need" to be with 12-year-old Valentina - who she has with husband Francois-Henri Pinault - so is forcing herself to give the youngster some space.

She said: "I always felt I had good maternal instincts.

"With Valentina, I have to be careful not to be overly attentive and give her some time on her own because I always feel this need to be with her."

The 'Like a Boss' star has a very different personality to her "confident" daughter.

She explained: "I don't find that Valentina and I are that similar in terms of our personalities.

"She shares a lot with other members of my family who are more confident and light-hearted.

"For example, I often get stage fright when I'm in front of the cameras. But she loves being on camera. It doesn't scare her at all."

When it comes to her marriage, Salma likes her husband to be "in control" because he is more "stable" than she is.

She added to OK! Magazine: "My husband and I are super well-balanced. We each have our departments and we're in charge of them.

"He's very kind and very good at always being stable. Me, I'm all over the place.

"But he controls me and manipulates me completely!"

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