Sarah Paulson says she doesn’t “shoot anything” into her face to stay looking young.

Sarah Paulson says she doesn’t ‘shoot anything’ into her face to stay looking young

Sarah Paulson says she doesn’t ‘shoot anything’ into her face to stay looking young

The 49-year-old actress declared she was only interested in ageing gracefully when she sat down with her long-time friend Pedro Pascal, also 49, for an interview with Interview Magazine.

Pedro insisted he was not prompting Sarah to talk about her policy when it comes to plastic surgery, but she declared: “Well, since I don’t shoot anything into my face at this particular juncture, I imagine everyone knows I’m 49.”

The pair also talked about Sarah’s latest project, starring in the play ‘Appropriate’ on Broadway, which is running now until 23 June.

Pedro said he believed “going back to the theatre” would be the one thing “that’s going to keep you young” – but Sarah disagreed and said it would put years on her due to the stress.

She said: “Oh my god. If there’s anything that’s going to age me rapidly, it’s going back to the theatre.”

Sarah also said the facial expressions she makes on stage each night are causing her to get wrinkles.

She added: “Sometimes I’m backstage doing this play, ‘Appropriate,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I’m making these facial expressions multiple times a day all day for months on end. I’ve never had those lines in between my eyebrows.’

“Well, I expect when I’m done with this play, they’ll be there permanently.”

Sarah also joked about her photoshoot for Interview being part of the same issue that featured Rihanna, 36, in a nun-style look.

She told Pedro she couldn’t “knock” the singer “off the cover”, adding: “Nor would I want to. Just glad to be gracing the same issue with the magical queen on the cover.”