Sharon Osbourne hopes moving back to the UK will give her husband Ozzy more privacy as he battles Parkinson's disease.

Sharon Osbourne hopes moving back to the UK will give Ozzy more privacy

Sharon Osbourne hopes moving back to the UK will give Ozzy more privacy

The couple have been living in Los Angeles for many years, but they have now returned to their native Britain to settle at a mansion in Buckinghamshire and Sharon hopes living in the countryside will give the Black Sabbath star some peace and quiet.

Speaking on the 'Woman's Hour' podcast, Sharon explained: "A lot of it [the move] is for Ozzy to be able to live with some privacy. Because, where we live in the countryside, it's not full of paps and you know, it's not a busy little town. We have a lot of land so he will be able to walk around and pursue his hobbies that he loves doing without being bothered."

The couple spent four years planning the move which was delayed several times due to ongoing renovations at their country house, but they have now made the switch and are planning to split their time between Britain and the US, where their kids live.

Sharon added: "My family will still be there [in the US] so we will go back and fourth I'm sure, but our main place - we have switched it from being LA to England."

The former TV talent show judge also insisted she's happy to spend more time in the UK because she fell out of love with Los Angeles in recent years.

She explained: "As we change over time, so do places. For me, personally, L.A. has changed - but not for the better. It's not what it used to be. I just feel uncomfortable there right now ...

"It's [the UK] home, it's always been home, I don't think I'm very American and I just feel more at home here."

The pair are have been documenting their move in a new reality TV show called 'Home to Roost' which is being filmed for the BBC. A previous statement from the BBC explained: "[It will cover] Ozzy and Sharon’s journey back to Britain, alongside [kids] Kelly and Jack’s efforts to support them, as they attempt to re-start their lives in rural Buckinghamshire.

"The series will follow the Osbournes as they celebrate one of their most important years yet – with everything from Sharon’s 70th birthday to Kelly’s soon-to-be-born baby, Ozzy’s tour, and of course the big move itself.

"This will be a genuine portrait, showing Sharon and Ozzy as they face up to illness and the challenges of getting older, but with the usual Osbourne eccentricities, humour, warmth and love."