Sofia Vergara is glad she had her son when she was young.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The 'Modern Family' actress is close "friends" with 23-year-old Manolo - who she had with high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez when she was just 20 years old - and thinks having a baby when she did was ideal because she had so much energy to keep up with the demands of parenthood.

She said: "I think it helps when he grows up and you are like friends, as well as mother and son. It's fantastic to have your kids young, because you have so much energy."

And the Colombian beauty and her son share a sense of humour.

She said:"I think my family's really funny. Colombian people need that because we come from times that were tough, and sometimes the only way to survive that was to make fun of ourselves and those situations."

The 'Hot Pursuit' actress is currently planning her nuptials to Joe Manganiello, who she will marry in Florida in November, and she has a lot to do.

She said in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There is a lot to organise. I want all my friends from Colombia, South America and Europe to make it."

Despite their celebrity status, the 43-year-old beauty insists she and the 'Magic Mike XXL' star enjoy a "boring, normal" life.

She said: "You see all the flash bulbs and fans at the premiere, but you don't see us away from all that.

"It's normal life; going grocery shopping, going out with friends, watching movies, spending lots of time with my son. It's boring, normal."