Sofia Vergara has "an obsession with sweets".

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The 'Modern Family' star - who is known for her curvaceous figure - has confessed she often shuns a healthy diet and prefers to gorge on "desserts and candy" instead.

She said: "I have an obsession with sweets, everybody that knows me and works with me knows that one of my biggest things is to eat desserts and candy."

However, the brunette beauty still manages to maintain her incredible physique by enjoying regular workout sessions with her fiancé, 'True Blood' star Joe Manganiello, who has taught her how important it is to stay fit.

She explained: "I've been doing more exercises now because Joe, of course, loves working out, and I understand more how important it is for health.

"Sometimes we do it together. We have a trainer that does it at the same time."

The health-conscious couple also enjoy spending time together at work and regularly attend each other's red carpet appearances in order to keep their partner company.

Sofia told Extra: "If he has to do a red carpet I'll go with him, he comes with me, we make it a nice thing, it's part of our lives. It shouldn't be all the time thinking it's just an obligation."