Susan Sarandon was arrested while partaking in a protest for fair wages for restaurant workers on Monday (08.05.23).

Susan Sarandon has been arrested at a protest before

Susan Sarandon has been arrested at a protest before

The Hollywood actress and activist was reportedly one of eight arrested in Albany, New York.

The protestors were taken into custody, booked, issued appearance tickets, and later released, Spectrum News 1 Albany reports.

The One Fair Wage campaign is trying to raise the minimum wage for tipped New York waiters to $17 after they were excluded from the planned increase to the minimum wage.

Sarandon, 76, was previously arrested during the 2018 Capitol Hill protest of then-President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

The 'Tammy' star had tweeted at the time: "We demand ... end all detention camps."

After being processed at the scene, Sarandon tweeted: "Arrested. Stay strong. Keep fighting. #WomenDisobey."

More than 500 were arrested as they campaigned for families separated at the US-Mexico border to be reunited.

Meanwhile, the 'Thelma and Louise' star previously admitted she has "no filter" because she'd rather be outspoken than have any "regrets".

The actress would rather get into trouble for telling it how it is than not say anything at all because "life is too short" and it's important to be authentic.

She told Irish Tatler magazine: "Life is short, isn't it? I mean at the end of the day I think it's always easier to make mistakes and apologise. The things you regret are the things you don't do so I think that's where the [idea of] no filter comes."

Sarandon insists speaking your mind is always the best thing to do because even if people hate you for it, you are being your true self.

She explained: "Sometimes it's painful when everyone turns against you and it backfires but I think it's worth taking the chance and that your job is just to grow as much as you can towards being authentic.

"And you know when something's off, you know when you're not being true to who you are, neither morally nor aesthetically."

And Sarandon also admits being in the spotlight means you are criticised in a "louder way" because you have more expectations to succeed.

She added: "The more visible you become the more criticism you get in a louder way and the more expectations are on you. And that weighs in too, when you become so self-conscious because you are a public figure."

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