Jamie Foxx has been golfing amid his recovery from his mystery “medical complication”.

Jamie Foxx has been golfing amid his recovery from his mystery ‘medical complication‘

Jamie Foxx has been golfing amid his recovery from his mystery ‘medical complication‘

The 55-year-old ‘Ray’ actor was hospitalised in April for a still unspecified condition but was spotted enjoying a late-night outing at Topgolf driving range’s Naperville, Illinois branch at the weekend.

An eyewitness told TMZ Jamie’s swing was “better than the people with whom he was competing”.

The insider also described the Oscar-winner’s swing as “very strong” and revealed he beat the rest of his group.

They said: “He was walking regular, not dragging his leg.

“His arm movement were definitely good. He was just regular Jamie.”

TMZ’s report on the sighting noted that the Topgolf location is near the physical rehabilitation facility in Chicago where Jamie had been seeking treatment following his health scare.

Jamie was also seen on Sunday (09.07.23) on a mega-boat sailing down the Chicago River.

He was joined by at least two other passengers and later hit send on his first tweet since his health crisis.

Referencing his alcohol brand Brown Sugar Bourbon, he said: “Boat life Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn. Stay blessed!”

In early May – the same day Jamie announced Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne would replace him and his daughter Corinne Foxx as hosts of ‘Beat Shazam’ – the actor broke his silence for the first time since his hospitalisation.

He said on Instagram: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

Presenter Nick, 42, recently stated Jamie would detail his medical condition when he was ready.

He told Extra TV: “One thing I’ve always respected about how Jamie’s moved throughout his entire career, if you’ve noticed, he’s always been somebody who is extremely professional and extremely private.

“I mean, you don’t ever really hear anything other than just the great work that he puts forth as a professional and the fact that, you know, he’s handled this situation with the same manner, you only can respect that.

“I believe when he’s ready, he’s going to address the awaiting fans in the world (about his health) the way that only he can.

When asked if Jamie had suffered a stroke, ‘The Masked Singer’ host Nick declined to give details on Jamie’s condition.

Jamie’s health scare came a few weeks after he returned to the set of the trouble-hit thriller ‘Back in Action’, amid reports he had a “meltdown” that allegedly caused his co-star Cameron Diaz, 50, to want to quit acting again, though the pair were photographed days later in a return to filming.