Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen has quit acting forever.

Taylor Momsen has categorically put her 'Gossip Girl' days behind her and claims it feels like a lifetime ago.

Monson with a blossoming singing career rose to fame aged 14 as Jenny Humphrey in the CW's hit teen drama 'Gossip Girl', only to leave the show for good after the fourth season, declaring she was taking a break from Hollywood.

And Taylor - who started out alongside Jim Carey in 'The Grinch' as a child - is adamant she won't ever be tempted to return to the big screen because music is her true passion.

Quizzed on France's Virgin Radio station whether she would consider a film role, she categorically said: "No. Just music. I'm not pursuing it at all. I haven't acted in five years. It feels like a past life."

The star is best known for her controversial music videos, her rock 'n' roll attitude and grunge-inspired style these days, and insists she is just as hardcore as she seems.

Talking about her tipple of choice before opening for Guns N' Roses, the 'Just Tonight' hitmaker quipped: "Have a whiskey and walk on stage. [Fruit juice] is not an option."

The 20-year-old singer also hinted she would be open to the possibility of meshing her rock sound with rap in the future.

Taylor explained: "It would have to be the right fit. But there's a South African rap group called Die Antwoord I'm a big fan of."

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