Tom Cruise gave Tim Vincent parenting advice.

Tim Vincent

Tim Vincent

The 47-year-old presenter and then-partner Gemma Charles welcomed twins Felix and Jasper in 2018 and the former ‘Blue Peter’ host revealed he solicited advice from the Hollywood legend when he interviewed him in the US before their birth.

He said: "I remember on one occasion I said to Tom Cruise: ‘I’m going to be a dad for the first time, to twins,’ and he said: ‘Wow, congratulations! The best thing I can say is treat each of them individually and make sure that they know they have their own characters.’

“Well, as soon as they arrived we had no chance but to treat them as individuals."

And Tim revealed the twins are very different from each other.

He said: "Jasper will wake you up in the morning by the fact he is giggling. He’s a huge entertainer – he’ll sit on the sofa and I’ll find he’s taken my glasses and my phone and is jabbering away to get a reaction, to make me laugh.

“Meanwhile, Felix is always examining everything. He could end up being either a high-flying engineer or a cat burglar.”

Tim and Gemma found out they were expecting twins only three months after meeting via a dating app and split last year but they are amicably co-parenting the boys together.

He said in an interview: "From when Gemma and I first met to the day they were born – twins come early – we’d known each other for less than a year. And with no twins on either side of the family, some people would say to us: ‘Did you have IVF or extra help?’ Well, no! Gemma and I had only known each other for three months.

“But we had discussed how we’d like to have kids. I love children. So then to have twins – well that’s an added layer on the cake.

"Being older gives you a little more confidence in dealing with what life throws at you. Becoming a parent changes everything and colours every single decision that you make.

Gemma is the primary carer – she is a super mum – and I help out daily. We work together as a team.”

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