Timothée Chalamet says he and his 'Dune: Part Two' co-stars preferred "tea parties" to wild nights out after filming.

Timothée Chalamet and his co-stars favoured tea parties for wild nights out

Timothée Chalamet and his co-stars favoured tea parties for wild nights out

The 28-year-old actor has admitted he, Zendaya, 27, Austin Butler, 32, Florence Pugh, 28, spent plenty of time hanging out after long days on set, but they didn't hit the clubs or go boozing together, as they are the "tamest bunch".

Speaking to Australia's WHO magazine, Chalamet said: "We did [hang out] but it wasn't wild parties or anything like that.

"Z, Florence, Austin and I are honestly the tamest bunch.

"It's more like us having tea than having a party."

The 'Wonka' star - who is dating reality star Kylie Jenner, 26 -and Zendaya have known each other the longest, having starred in the first movie, 2021's 'Dune', together.

Chalamet previously hailed the 'Greatest Showman' star "one of the most grounded people" in the film business.

He told Glamour magazine: "It’s just amazing she is so consistent.

"It’s a crazy business and Zendaya is one of the most grounded people I know doing this and it’s reassuring to have a friend like that because it can be an absolute circus."

Zendaya is similarly fond of her showbiz pal.

The Hollywood actress admitted Chalamet is a "true" friend and someone she can always rely on.

She said: "Sometimes you feel like in this industry that you're floating and you need those people who feel like stability.

"You [need to] find true friendship with people who enjoy doing what you do, but who you also admire and being able to watch him work in real life is another special experience.

"Being able to communicate and talk to someone about a very specific experience in life that a lot of people maybe haven't experienced or don't quite understand - you need that - it makes you feel a little less alone, like you're not in this by yourself, you're not floating, there are other people that you can grab onto and help me through it."