Ulrika Jonsson has insisted she's never felt "unlucky in love", despite her three divorces.

Ulrika Jonsson was happy in her three failed marriages

Ulrika Jonsson was happy in her three failed marriages

The Swedish-British presenter - who is best known for hosting 'Gladiators' - ended her sexless marriage to third husband Brian Monet, the father of her 13-year-old son Malcolm, after 11 years of marriage in 2019, and is currently appearing on the latest series of E4's dating show 'Celebs Go Dating' in search of a new man.

The mother-of-four - who was previously wed to Lance Gerrard-Wright, with whom she has 17-year-old daughter, Martha, for just three years until 2006, and first husband John Turnball, the father of her 27-year-old son Cameron, between 1990 and 1995 - has insisted that while things didn't work out with her former lovers, she looks back fondly on her past romances.

Ulrika - who also has 22-year-old Bo with ex-partner Markus Kempen - told BANG Showbiz at the 'Celebs Go Dating' launch in London: “I haven’t been unhappy, I’ve had some amazing times in love.

"So for me, we are all living longer and we’re all having more relationships.

"The end of a relationship is not always a bad thing.

“Decades ago people did settle down for life, and that’s because they had no other options, and that’s because people have so many options nowadays. We’re just not living in that world where women are just staying at home.

"Which is part of the reason that marriage has lasted so long because women were stuck at home but they’re now at work and they now have choices and they’re delaying motherhood.

“I don’t feel unlucky in love at home - I’ve been very lucky.”

On signing up for the reality show - which sees dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson find the perfect matches for well-known stars - Ulrika said: "Three years ago I got divorced, I hadn't anticipated being single at my age.

"I'm enjoying it but I look forward to working with Anna and Paul, I'm sure they will have me back on track to finding love in no time."

The latest 'Celebs Go Dating' series airs Monday to Thursday on E4.

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