Ulrika Jonsson says she “disgraced” herself after downing “three pints of rum” over the Easter Weekend.

Ulrika Jonsson had three pints of rum over the Easter Weekend

Ulrika Jonsson had three pints of rum over the Easter Weekend

The former ‘Celebs Go Dating’ star revealed that she might have a little bit too much fun over the four-day weekend in a hilarious series of messages with a friend that she posted to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (19.04.22).

In the caption of a sunglass selfie, the 54-year-old television personality wrote: “No, YOU disgraced yourself last night.”

In a print screen of a iMessage to an unknown male friend, Ulrika said: “What the f*** am I like? Three pints of rum and I’m anyone’s.”

This revelation came after the ‘Shooting Stars’ star asked if she had offered to “buy” him out with a new outfit.

Ulrika’s message read: “Did I promise to buy you a suit last night?”

Luckily for her, the friend reassured his pal to not “worry” about her drunken words.

He replied” “Haha you did,” before sending a follow up text that read: “But honestly don’t worry”.

Ulrika - who is mother to Cameron, 27, Bo, 22, Martha, 17, Malcolm, 13 - captioned the screenshot with simply an awkward face emoji.

Recently, the former model -who has been married three times - shared how having arthritis isn’t a thing she wants to take “to the table on a first date”.

Ulrika said: "I make a joke about it because I think that’s the best way of introducing it but it’s certainly not something I would bring to the table on a first date – unless I turn it into something of a joke, it’s not really what you want to put on your profile."

The former ‘Gladiators’ presenter is able to “manage” the condition but called it “not the sexiest conditon”.

She said: "I just manage it and live with it the best I can, I’ve always had the pain, which is not the nicest.”

"The other night it flared up and I was lying there 3’o clock in the morning, this is so painful, it’s not every night but I would say I have pain every day, I’m so used to it as if it was a familiar pain.

"When you’re younger you associate arthritis with older people but you can get it at any age. There are plenty of young people with arthritis, probably not the sexiest condition to have.”

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