Ulrika Jonsson has been left hugely relieved after her son was granted permission to remain in the UK for "an indefinite period".

Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson

The 53-year-old TV presenter took to Instagram to reveal her delight that 13-year-old Malcolm - who she shares with ex Brian Monet - has been given settled status by the Home Office, meaning he can live, work and study in the UK on an indefinite basis, after he returned from the US, where his dad is from.

She wrote: "Tonight I had a 27min instruction on lightsabers from the youngest Ungrateful.

He has just returned from the States where he custom made one. Himself.

This is important because today I was told by the @ukhomeoffice that this half-yank, half-Viking boy has been given leave to stay in this country for an indefinite period. He finally has Settled Status.

Which is a huge relief because the thought of having him adopted abroad was gonna be messy.

So thank you, UK for letting me keep him by my side.

And if anyone is interested in lightsabers, you know where to find the bugger.



#settledstatus (sic)"

In May last year, Ulrika admitted she was grateful the coronavirus pandemic had brought her closer to her ex-husband Brian - who she married in 2008 - after the pair spent time together during the first lockdown because she didn't like the idea of him being at home alone.

The star - who also has children Cameron, 26, Bo, 21 and Martha, 17, from previous relationships - said: "If you told me two years ago that a cruel and punitive virus would devastate the globe and make me spend more time with my ex-husband, I'd have believed the first part but not the latter.

"My ex moved out about 18 months ago, our marriage having been put through the wringer for many reasons - one of them being a devastating lack of intimacy...

"We carried on co-parenting closely and well. But I think there comes a point in the breakdown of a relationship when you just need to be apart - you cannot exist alongside each other any more because it's detrimental to your sanity and, most of all, to the children...

"When coronavirus assaulted all our lives I think I was in shock, and the empathetic aspect to my personality meant I worried for others, regardless of the past or the present.

"I felt a terrible anxiety overwhelm me but my instinct was to make sure everyone else was OK - and that included my ex. For the first time in all our years together we had a frank exchange about our unease, fear and sheer terror.

"While I may worry about my own state of mind, I always have the capacity to worry more about others.

"The children need their father and this felt like some kind of galvanising moment between us."

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