Victoria Beckham was bullied at school.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl and fashion designer admits she was an "awkward" teenager and she struggled to make friends.

She shared: "When I was at school, I was quite an awkward teenager; I didn't have a huge amount of friends, and looking back I recognise that I was bullied at times. I would never want anyone else to feel how I was made to feel. So when Harper started school, I said to her, 'If you're ever in the playground and there's a little girl who is sitting on her own, ask her to play with you, go up and engage with her, because Mummy used to be that little girl.' I want everyone to know that no one is on their own when Harper is around."

And Victoria feels that the coronavirus pandemic has made kindness much more "important" nowadays.

She added to Vogue Australia: "In my opinion, this pandemic has probably made kindness even more important - no-one can ignore it. Right now, there is so much uncertainty and we are all scared and nervous. None of us have experienced this situation before, so it's our responsibility to protect and explain this crazy time to our children and to focus on being more patient, understanding and supportive of each other.

"As a family, we've looked at how we can help others while being in lockdown with just small gestures, because if we're in a position to make things a bit easier for others and give people a nice little surprise, then that's a small thing that can make a difference. David, the children and I are doing some work with older people in the community who live nearby."