Victoria Beckham says dinner with her family is her “sacred” time.

Victoria Beckham opens up about her famous family

Victoria Beckham opens up about her famous family

The 47-year-old fashion mogul - who is married to ex-footballer David Beckham and has kids Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and Harper Seven, 10, with the star - claimed that while "every day is different" for her, the "most important" time of day for her is their evening meal together.

She said: "While every day is a little bit different, trying to stick to a routine helps me manage my time, which is quite crucial when you have four children, a husband, and multiple businesses. One of the most important parts of my day is dinner with my family. It’s a sacred routine in our household."

The former pop star - who initially achieved worldwide fame as Posh Spice in the iconic 1990s group Spice Girls before building a fashion empire - insisted she and her family are "really close", and told how she and David try to teach their children that working hard is a vital part of success.

She told W Magazine: "Everything I’ve accomplished has been through hard work. I’ve learned so much from being in the public eye at such a young age. My family is my purpose. I want to be a role model to my children. I want to demonstrate to them that hard work is a critical part of being successful, and to never take anything for granted. I’ve always held the belief that you can always do better, try harder, go further.

"We’re a really close family. We try to help others as much as we can and have included the children in that since they were young. We expect our kids to be kind and polite. It really echoes how David and I were brought up. Kindness is #1. And also, balance. The children have always seen both mummy and daddy working, doing school runs, cooking dinner, and we ensure they also contribute around the house."