Victoria Beckham has finally learned to like football almost 30 years since she started dating David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham has never been into football despite being married to a former player

Victoria Beckham has never been into football despite being married to a former player

The Spice Girls star struck up a relationship with footballer David back in 1997 and she became a regular fixture at his games for clubs including Manchester United and Real Madrid as well as his international matches but she never enjoyed the sport because she didn't feel "wanted" when she was pitch side. However, since David retired and set up his own club Inter Miami, his wife has finally learned to love going to games.

Victoria told the Financial Times: "I never enjoyed watching football. I never felt necessarily wanted [at the matches]. I’m not saying this as in, poor me, but it was never the fun that it is now.

"Now, when we’re in Miami, I feel wanted. I’m friends with the families of the players."

She went on to reveal she ended up on the pitch when her husband's club played in Nashville, Tennessee and she enjoyed the warm welcome her family was given. Victoria explained: "All of a sudden, I found myself on the pitch. The club wanted pictures of the family and the trophy. And that was the first time a club had ever entertained the family as well."

The singer-turned-fashion designer also admitted life at Inter Miam has got even better since star player Lionel Messi joined the team: "Since Messi turned up, the energy has gone to a whole other level. It’s a whole other experience. It’s fun."

Victoria previously opened up about her lack of interest in football in David's self-titled Netflix documentary, which charted his career as well as his personal life off the pitch.

The pop star explained: "I am not into football at all. I wasn’t into football then [when we started dating], I’m not into football now. But I’d seen pictures of him in magazines, and he was obviously a very good-looking boy … the fact I went to the games really was just to kind of, some would say ‘stalk’ him."