Victoria Beckham was "happy" to keep her family together during the COVID-19 lockdown when her husband David Beckham had to go to Miami to work at his football club.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

The 47-year-old fashion designer and the couple's children made the decision to travel to the American city with David, 46, on Christmas Day (25.12.20) to spend some time Stateside and then once the lockdown rules in their native UK changed, Victoria made the decision that she and the kids would stay with her husband so he could work with his MLS soccer side Inter Miami, of which he is a co-owner.

Speaking to Evening Standard editor Emily Sheffield, she said: "He hadn't been able to get to the club for over a year because of lockdown. And he just said, 'You know I need to stay there is so much work to be done.'

"He's invested so much in this club. It's been his dream, for as long as he can remember. The fact that he could physically be there, working with the team, working with the players, making the changes that he needed to make, you know, it was an incredible time for him.

"He really rolled his sleeves up. He was in the club every day. And I was just so happy that he could do that. But yeah, it's been frustrating for him. There's only so much you can do remotely.

"That's why we decided, you know, we'll stay together and be there as well."

Victoria admitted changing her schedule was tough but it was worth making sacrifices to ensure the family - made up of their four children, sons Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16, and nine-year-old daughter Harper - were all together.

She added: "So I was working remotely. A few 4am start meetings, which is a little early. You know, it is what it is.

"I was just happy that we were all together and we could support him and be part of this journey."

Although she loved being in Miami for a few months, Victoria is "so excited" to be back in London after not seeing her parents, Jacqueline and Anthony.

She said: “I am so I'm so excited. I really am, you know, to come home see my family.

"I haven't seen my family since the beginning of December."

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