Victoria Beckham has "never" let her husband David see her natural eyebrows.

David Beckham has never seen wife Victoria's natural eyebrows

David Beckham has never seen wife Victoria's natural eyebrows

The 49-year-old fashion designer - who has been married to the former soccer star since 1999 - reaches for a brow pencil as soon as she wakes up because hers are so sparse after being overly plucked and even shaved during the early years of her career.

She admitted to Sunday Times Style magazine: "Over the years my brows have been so overplucked that if you saw me without it you’d be horrified. David has never seen me without my brows.

"They’re the first thing I do: wake up, put on the brow. Mine aren’t even, either — they’re sisters, not twins. I’m very self-conscious about the overplucking because brows change your whole face.

"I remember a make-up artist shaving my eyebrows when I was in the Spice Girls. Shaving my eyebrows!

"When you’re 22 years old and you’re excited that you’re doing a shoot, you don’t think to say, ‘Oh, hey, how about you don’t shave my eyebrows?’ Then you get to 49 and you’re like, ‘S***.’

"I also did some laser hair removal on my eyebrows. That seemed like a really great thing to do at the time."

Victoria - who has four children with her spouse - loves making her own social media videos to promote her beauty brand but she recalled having to redo one particular clip because she worried David would "love his s***" if she let their unmade bed be shown off to the world.

She said: "The beauty team are probably quite surprised when they wake up in New York on Saturday morning and I’ve taken a video myself in my bedroom, though I did have to redo that one because the bed wasn’t made and a story had just come out about David being OCD, and I thought, ‘Oh, my God, he’s going to lose his s*** if he sees me showing the messy bed David Beckham just got out of.

"So I redid it and I kind of made the bed.

"But there’s no one saying, ‘You’ve got to do this. This is the messaging. Read this script,’ which is why the videos are so raw.

“The other day I did one in my bathroom and then I realised there was work going on next door and you could hear the drilling.”