St. Vincent gets restless if she spends more than two weeks in one place.

St. VIncent

St. VIncent

The 37-year-old musician - whose real name is Annie Clark - divides her time between three cities because she's so used to life on tour, she's ready to "move on" to somewhere else after a short period of time.

She told Stella magazine: "I live between LA, Dallas and New York - I've grown up touring, so can only be somewhere for two weeks before I want to move on.

"In Los Angeles, I wake up at 7.30am, have some caffeine and work out for an hour. I do hot Pilates or a circuit-training boot camp five times a week at a gym that is usually pretty private, but once the paparazzi got a picture of me leaving looking very sweaty. It turned out they thought I was Laura Prepon from 'Orange Is the New Black'.

I come home and get straight into my studio, where I write, or work on music."

The 'Los Ageless' hitmaker realises she needs to have a break from being on stage when she's overcome by "bizarre outbursts of irrational emotions" and has grown to recognise the signs over the years.

She said: "When I'm touring, I use a lot of physical and emotional energy: it's often five shows a week. You don't necessarily realise how much it gets to you.

"I know when I have bizarre outbursts of irrational emotions that I need to meditate, or take a day off to reset when I'm really fried. I'm better at managing it now.

"As soon as I get back to the hotel I shower, not just to get rid of the sweat but also the residual energy. It's funny how quickly you can go from this otherworldly experience of being on stage to watching 'Law & Order' in your pyjamas."

The singer previously dated Cara Delevingne and will always treasure the birthday gift she received from the 'Carnival Row' star in 2015.

Asked her favourite ever birthday present, she said: "Cara gave me a guitar signed by David Bowie for my birthday. She's a very good present giver."