St. Vincent's ideas of love have changed.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

The 37-year-old singer - who previously dated Cara Delevingne for two years and was later romantically linked with Kristen Stewart - used to believe the emotion was a "manic dance" but doesn't think like that "any more".

Asked what love feels like, she said: "I used to think it was the manic dance of desire and need, of want and have, of possessed and dispossessed. I don't think that any more."

The 'Los Ageless' singer - whose real name is Annie Clark - admitted she finds it hard to relax, but when she does get some free time, her guilty pleasure is tuning into UFC bouts.

She admitted to The Guardian newspaper: "I love Ultimate Fighting Championship. When truth is putty and all things seem up for sale, I like that two athletes can get in a ring, and whoever has worked harder, has more grit, and wants it more, wins."

St. Vincent was left terrified after landing in Texas after a flight and realising her bag was with police - and she'd left an old batch of magic mushrooms inside.

She recalled: "I landed in Texas with some long-expired magic mushrooms in my checked bag that I'd forgotten about. My bag didn't appear at the baggage claim and, when I went to retrieve it, it was in a sectioned off area with a police officer and a German shepherd waiting.

"I was walked towards them thinking, 'These are my last few breaths of freedom; it has been a good ride; tell Mama I love her.'

"When I reached to grab my bag, the officer and dog moved toward me... and then past me and continued their sweep."